Monday, October 15, 2007

Using the older Subversion working copy format with Hudson

Usually I don't let Hudson check out my projects, as I arrange my projects workspaces to be symbolic links to a specific location in a manually-checked-out working copy of a full repository, so that relative paths expressed in the build files resolve properly. But beware that if the Subversion client installed is pre-1.4, Hudson will automatically upgrade the working copies to the new Subversion 1.4 format. This can be a problem as the Subversion client on the command-line cannot be used anymore. If you can't afford to upgrade to Subversion 1.4 or later, you need to turn on compatibility with the older Subversion working copy format (before 1.4), using the Hudson's svncompat13 plugin I just released.

Internally, Hudson uses SVNKit, a Java library to access Subversion repositories. The trick used by the svncompat13 plugin is described in the SVNKit FAQ.

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